The Drug Delivery System Excellence Center consists of an interdisciplinary team of faculty from the department of Pharmaceutical Technology and department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The team of experts is taking a synergistic, interdisciplinary approach to research and graduate education in delivery of therapeutic agents. For this purpose, the Drug Delivery Excellence Center was awarded a grant of 10,000,000 Baht spread over five years beginning on July 1, 2007. In April 2007, the center was officially recognized by the University Senate for its present and future contribution to drug delivery.Most important component of the Drug Delivery System Excellence Center is the Advisory board, which is composed of the dean and representatives from different disciplines. Drug Delivery Excellence Center has sponsored a seminar program. Faculty in the Drug Delivery System Excellence Center has submitted interdisciplinary research proposals, while the center providing seed grants to encourage new research initiative and to support graduate students in research projects. The Drug Delivery Excellence Center also hosts an annual conference.

Drug Delivery System Excellence Center

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