Bone tissue Engineering and Cell-Based Therapy

Bone tissue Engineering and Cell-Based Therapy
        Nanotechnology, biotechnology, and novel drug delivery systems have been applied in development of drug carriers and tissue engineering that focuses on bones and cartilages. Composite scaffolds, artificial implants, and injectable hydrogels composing of biodegradable polymers and/or ceramics have been developed as local delivery systems for antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents, and others. The physico-chemical properties, bio-stability and biocompatibility, as well as profitability of the as-prepared products have been evaluated in vitro and in vivo. Targeted delivery systems of drugs, growth factors, and protein drugs aimed to promote bone cell proliferation and differentiation have been investigated. Additionally, modification of bio-material surfaces with active functional groups and cell specificity grafted to scaffolds has been the research interests for preparing cell specific scaffolds.


Research staff
• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jasadee Kaewsrichan, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
• Assist. Prof. Dr. Kwunchit Oungbho, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

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