Nimit Worakul, Ph.D.

Nimit Worakul, Ph.D. 

Born : 1965
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Academic Rank : Associate Professor

Education :
2001 Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
1991 M.S. (Industrial Pharmacy) Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
1989 BPharm; Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Scientific Interest :
Drug Delivery Systems and Interfacial Phenomena in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Journal Articles :

  • Wongpoowarak, W., Faroongsarng, D., Worakul, N. and Boonme, P. Numerical computation of pH and buffer capacity in complex mixtures of acids, bases and ampholytes. Silpakorn University Science and Technology Journal, 6(2): 25-34, 2012.
  • Suknuntha, K., Tantishaiyakul, V., Worakul, N. and Taweepreda, W. Characterization of muco- and bioadhesive properties of chitosan, PVP, and chitosan/PVP blends and release of amoxicillin from alginate beads coated with chitosan/PVP. Drug Development And Industrial Pharmacy, 34(4): 408-418, 2011.
  • Sawatdee, S., Worakul, N., and Srichana, T. Preparation of isoniazid as dry powder formulations for inhalation by physical mixing and spray drying. Malaysian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(1): 1-21, 2006.
  • Tantishaiyakul, V., Worakul, N., Wongpoowarak, W. Prediction of solubility parameters using partial least aquare regression. Int. J. Pharm.,325 (1-2): 8-14, 2006.
  • Worakul, N., Wongpoowarak, W. and Boonme, P. Optimization in development of acetaminophen syrup formulation. DDIP, 28(3): 345-353, 2002.
  • Umprayn, K. and Worakul, N. An evaluation of the physicochemical properties of aluminum hydroxide gel. Pharm. Tech. (Europe), April: 68, 70, 72-76, 2002.
  • Wongpoowarak, W. and Worakul, N. Effect of titrant concentration on pH-zero point of charge: Verification by bootstrap technique. Int. J. Pharm., 97: 141-147, 1993.
  • Wongpoowarak, W. and Worakul, N. Alternative statistical method to determine pH-zero point of charge. Int. J. Pharm., 80: R21-R24, 1992.
  • Wongpoowarak, W. and Worakul, N. Mathematical aspect of pH-zero point of charge relationship. Int. J. Pharm., 75: R9-R11, 1991.

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