Roongnapa (Suedee) Srichana, Ph.D.

Roongnapa (Suedee) Srichana, Ph.D. 
Born : 1967
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Education :
1997 Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Welsh School of Pharmacy, University of Wales, College of Cardiff, United Kingdom

1993 M.S. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry) Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

1990 B.Sc. in Pharm, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Scientific Interest:
Molecular imprinted polymer and drug delivery systems

Journal Articles :

  • Madhumanchi, S., Suedee, R., Kaewpiboon, S., Srichana, T., Khalil, R. and Ul-Haq, Z. Effect of sodium deoxycholate sulfate on outer membrane permeability and neutralization of bacterial lipopolysaccharides by polymyxin B formulations. Int. J. Pharm., 581:119265, 2020.
  • Chunta, S., Suedee, R., Boonsriwong, W. and Lieberzeit, P.A. Biomimetic sensors targeting oxidized-low-density lipoprotein with molecularly imprinted polymers. Anal. Chim. Acta., 1116:27-35, 2020.
  • Jadda, R., Madhumanchi, S. and Suedee, R. Novel adsorptive materials by adenosine 5ʹ‐triphosphate imprinted‐polymer over the surface of polystyrene nano‐spheres for selective separation of adenosine 5ʹ‐triphosphate biomarker from urine. J. Sep. Sci., 42(24):3662-3678,2019.
  • Madhumanchi, S., Suedee, R., Nakpheng, T., Tinpun, K., Temboot, P. and Srichana, T. Binding interactions of bacterial lipopolysaccharides to polymyxin B in an amphiphilic carrier ‘sodium deoxycholate sulfate’. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 182:110374, 2019.
  • Madhumanchi, S.,  Jadda, R. and Suedee, R. Efficient adsorptive extraction materials by surface protein‐imprinted polymer over silica gel for selective recognition/separation of human serum albumin from urine. J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 136(1):46894, 2019.
  • Obinna, O., Tanmanee, N., Titus, Y.M., Anthony, O.P., Augustine, E., Nicholls, I.A. and Suedee, R. Chitosan molecularly imprinted polymers cross linked with (E)-3, 7-Dimethyl-2,6-octadienoic acid, With Binding Sites For Phenylalanine Amide. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 9(2):55-66, 2019.
  • Chunta, S., Suedee, R. and Lieberzeit, P.A. High-density lipoprotein sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 410(3):875-883, 2018.
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  • Paul, P.K., Nopparat, J., Nuanplub, M., Treetong, A. and Suedee, R. Improvement in insulin absorption into gastrointestinal epithelial cells by using molecularly imprinted polymer nanoparticles: Microscopic evaluation and ultrastructure. Int. J. Pharm., 530(1-2):279-290, 2017.
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  • Jaiswal, L., Rakkit, S., Pochin, K., Jaisamut, P., Tanthana, C., Tanmanee, N., Srichana, T. and Suedee, R. A thalidomide templated molecularly imprinted polymer that promotes a biologically active chiral entity tagged in a colon carcinoma cells and protein-related immune activation. Process Biochemistry, 50(12):2035-2050, 2015.
  • Naklua, W., Mahesh, M., Aundorn, P., Tanmanee, N., Aenukulpong, K., Sutto, S., Chen, Y.Z., Chen, S. and Suedee, R. An imprinted dopamine receptor for discovery of highly potent and selective D3 analogues with neuroprotective effects. Process Biochemistry, 50(10): 1537-1556, 2015.
  • Suksuwan, A., Lomlim, L., Rungrotmongkol, T., Nakpheng, T., Dickert, F.L. and Suedee, R. The composite nanomaterials containing (R)-thalidomide-molecularly imprinted polymers as a recognition system for enantioselective-controlled release and targeted drug delivery. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 132(18): 41930, 2015.
  • Suedee, R., Naklua, W., Laengchokshoi, S., Thepkaue, K., Pathaburee, P. and Nuanplub, M. Investigation of a self-assembling microgel containing an (S)-propranolol molecularly imprinted polymer in a native tissue microenvironment: Part I. Preparation and characterization and Part II. Biological application and testing. Process Biochemistry, 50(4): 517-544, 2015.
  • Suksuwan, A., Lomlim, L., Dickert, F.L. and Suedee, R. Tracking the chemical surface properties of racemic thalidomide and its enantiomers using a biomimetic functional surface on a quartz crystal microbalance. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 132(30): 42309, 2015.
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  • Srichana, T. and Suedee, R. Chiral liquid membrane containing a dipentyl-beta-cyclodextrin: Enantioselective partition of racemic pseudoephedrine. Thai J. Pharm. Sci., 23: 187-196, 1999.


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