Sanae Kaewnopparat, Ph.D.

Sanae Kaewnopparat, Ph.D.

Born : 1959
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Academic Rank : Associate Professor

1999 Ph.D. (Biopharmaceutical Sciences) Mahidol University, Thailand
1984 M.Sc. (Pharmacy) Mahidol University, Thailand
1981 B.Sc. (Biology) Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Scientific Interest :
Application of Bacterial Cellulose from Acetobacter xylinum for Topical Drug Delivery. Lactobacilli for Human Probiotic.

Journal Articles :

  • Juntarut, P., Kaewnopparat, S., Faroongsarng, D. and Chiayvareesajja, S. The in vitro efficacy of oxytetracycline against re-isolated pathogenic Aeromonas hydrophila carrying the cytolytic enterotoxin gene through hybrid catfish, Clarias macrocephalus (Günther, 1864) × Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) in Thailand. Aquaculture Research, 49(5):1848-1857, 2018.
  • Kaewiad, K., Kaewnopparat, N., Faroongsarng, D., Wungsintaweekul, J. and Kaewnopparat, S. Statistical optimization of bambara groundnut protein isolate-alginate matrix systems on survival of encapsulated Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. AIMS Microbiology, 3(4):713-732, 2017.
  • Kaewiad, K.,  Kaewnopparat, N.,  Faroongsarng, D.,  Wungsintaweekul, J. and Kaewnopparat, S. Optimisation of bambara groundnut water extract and skim milk composition as cryoprotectant for increasing cell viability of Lactobacillus spp. using response surface methodology. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 51(12):2630-2639, 2016.
  • Kaewiad, K., Kaewnopparat, S. and Kaewnopparat, N. In vitro Comparison of Probiotic Properties of Lactobacillus fermentum SK54 Isolated from New Born Baby with Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG ATCC 53103. Advanced Material Research, 1060: 215-218, 2015.
  • Kaewnopparat, S., Dangmanee, N., Kaewnopparat, N., Srichana, T., Chulasiri, M. and Settharaksa, S. In vitro probiotic properties of Lactobacillus fermentum SK5 isolated from vagina of a healthy woman. Anaerobe, 22: 6-13, 2013.
  • Shoosanglertwijit, J., Kaewnopparat, S., Yongmaitreesakul, B., Pattayananthavej, S. and Kaewnopparat, N. Physical, chemical, and microbiological stability of extemporaneous furosemide suspensions. Asian Biomedecine, 5(5): 681-686, October 2011.
  • Kaewnopparat, S., Kaewnopparat, N. Formulation and evaluation of vaginal suppositories containing lactobacillus. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 2009; 55: 645-648.
  • Kaewnopparat, N., Kaewnopparat, S. and Panichayupakaranant. P. Increased Solubility, Dissolution and Physicochemical Studies of Curcumin-Polyvinylpyrrolidone K-30 Solid Dispersions. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 2009; 55: 229-234.
  • Pangsomboon, K., Bamsal, S., Martin, G. P., suntinanalert, P., Kaewnopparat, S. and Srichana, T. 2009. Further characterization of a bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus paracasei HL32. I. Applied Microbiol 2009; 106 (6): 1928-1940.
  • Chuealee, R., Kawnopparat, S., Aramwit, P. and Srichana, T. Aerosolization properties, bioactivities and safety of amphotericin B dispersion in cholesteryl carbonate. RDD Europe 2009, 359-364, 2009.
  • Kaewnopparat, S., Sansernluk, K. and Faroongsarng, D. Behavior of freezable bound water in the bacterial cellulose produced by Acetobacter xylinum: An approach using thermoporosimetry. AAPS PharmSciTech, 9 (2), pp: 701-707, 2008.
  • Suedee, R., Bodhibukkana, C., Tangthong, N., Amnuaikit, C., Kaewnopparat, S. and Srichana, T. 2008 Development of a reservoir-type transdermal enantioselective-controlled delivery system for racemic propranolol using a molecularly imprinted polymer composite membrane. J. Control. Release, pp: 170-178, 2008.
  • Pangsomboon, K., Kaewnopparat, S., Pitakpornpreecha, T., Srichana, T. Antibacterial activity of a bacteriocin from Lactobacillus paracasei HL32 against Porphyromonas gingivalis.Archi. Oral Biol. 51 (9): 784-793, 2006.
  • Bodhibukkana, C., Srichana, T., Kaewnopparat, S., Tangthong, N., Bouking, P., Martin, G.P., Suedee. R., Composite membrane of bacterially-derived cellulose and molecularly imprinted polymer for use as a transdermal enantioselective controlled- release system of racemic propranolol. J. Control. Rel., 113 (1): 43-56, 2006.
  • ภญ.ดร. ชิตชไม โอวาทฬารพร, ดร.เสน่ห์ แก้วนพรัตน์, จันทน์ผา ตันธนา, สุปรีดี สังฆรักษ์. การประเมินความปลอดภัยของอาหารที่จำหน่ายในสถานศึกษาในจังหวัดสงขลา, วารสารอาหารและยา, ปีที่ 13, ฉบับที่ 3/2549, เดือนกันยายน-ธันวาคม, 54-64, 2549.
  • Wanichapichart, P., Kaewnopparat. S., Buaking. K., and Puthai, W. Characterization of cellulose membranes produced by Acetobacter xylinum. Songklanakarin J. Sci.Technol., 24 (suppl.): 855-862, 2003.
  • Tantishaiyakul, V., Wiwattanawongsa, K., Pinsuwan, S., Kasiwong, S., Phadoongsombat, N., Kaewnopparat, S., Kaewnopparat, N. and Rojanasakul, Y. Characterization of mefenamic acid-guaiacol ester: stability and transport across Caco-2 cell monolayers. Pharm Res, 19(7): 1014-1019, 2002.
  • Chulasiri, M., Lakanatinaporn, P., Luangintim, P., Kaewnopparat, S., Noramat, P. and Hampel, W. Contribution of microbial cultures for production of clearly proteinaceous beverages with pleasantly flavor from soybeans. J. Natl. Res. Council Thailand, 33: 123-51, 2001.
  • Sree-iam, S., Kaewnopparat, S. and Pinsuwan, S. Influence of Clear Liquid Shampoo Components on Preservative Activity of Parabens. Thammasat Int. J. Sc. Tech, 2(2): 79-83, 1997.
  • Nakpheng, T., Kha, R., Buaking, K., Kaewnopparat, S. and Srichana, T.Potential Probiotic Properties of Lactobacillus plantarum (T23/3) Strain.The 1st Current Drug Development International Conference: CDD2010, Phuket, Thailand, 6-8 May 2010.

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