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Scholarship Grant and Progress Report Graduate School

Scholarship Grant and Progress Report Graduate School

Scholarship Application Requested from PSU Graduate School

  • Students fill out scholarship’s details requested via the system within the due date of each.
  • After saving data in the system, please download the file of application form/research proposal form to complete all required.
  • After details completion, please print out or save application form/research proposal form into PDF file type.
  • Submit PDF file to the advisor for consideration.
  • If the advisor agrees, students can upload the PDF file into the scholarship application system.
  • After completely uploading, the notification will be sent to the staff and advisor respectively.
  • The PSU Graduate School will consider allocation of scholarships by informing the announcement to faculty where the student is in.
  • After the announcement of scholarship’s allocation, students must follow up onwards.

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Progress Report for Grant Recipients

  • This form is used for all grants stating progress report for receiving grant.
  • Grant recipients could download the progress report form (.doc file) at "Scholarship Allocation" of each one.
  • Please completely fill out and file to advisor for signing.
  • Please scan or convert into PDF File.
  • Please select add more documents and fill out round of report together with PDF File attachment.
  • After saving, the system shall deliver an automatic email to staff and also advisor.
  • After the Graduate School considers progress report of grant, grant recipients shall get automatic email regarding result of consideration.
  • In case of validity, data shall be delivered to the finance section.
  • In case of invalidity, grant recipient shall receive an automatic email to correct and then re-submit once again.

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