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Ekawat Thawithong

Ekawat Thawithong

Member : Staff

Academic Rank : Scientist

Research Area : Pharmaceutical Technology

Scientist Profile

Born: 1984
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Academic Rank: Scientist
2007 B.Sc. (Physics) Prince of Songkla University, Thailand
Scientific Interest:
Pharmaceutical Technology

Publication Summary

Journal Articles:

  1. Rojanarat, W., Nakpheng, T., Thawithong, E., Yanyium, N., Srichana, T. Levofloxacin-proliposomes: Opportunities for use in lung tuberculosis. Pharmaceutics, 4: 385-412, 2012.
  2. Rojanarat, W., Nakpheng, T., Thawithong, E., Yanyium, N., Srichana, T. Inhaled pyrazinamide proliposome for targeting alveolar macrophages. Drug Delivery, 19(7): 334-345, 2012.
  3. Adhikari, K., Buatong, W., Thawithong, E., Suwandecha, T. and Srichana, T. Factors affecting enhanced permeation of Amphotericin B across cell membranes and safety of formulation. AAPS PharmSciTech, 17 (4):820-828, 2016.
  4. Srichana, T., Juthong, S., Thawithong, E., Supaiboonpipat, S. and Soorapan, S. Clinical equivalence of budesonide dry powder inhaler and pressurized metered dose inhaler. The Clinical Respiratory Journal, 10(1):74-82, 2016.
  5. Rojanarat, W., Changsan, N., Tawithong, E., Pinsuwan, S., Chan, H. and Srichana, T. Isoniazid proliposome powders for inhalation—preparation, characterization and cell culture studies. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 12(7): 4414-4434, 2011.


  1. Teerapol Srichana, Wilaiporn Buatong, Titpawan Nakpheng, Kittiya Tinpun and Ekawat Thawithong
    Amphotericin B in lipid derivatives and manufacturing process
    Thai Patent pending No. 1401002378, 23 April 2012
  2. Teerapol Srichana and Ekawat Thawithong
    Antituberculosis proliposome containing cholesteryl sulfate and preparation
    Thai Patent pending No. 2101003266, 7 June 2021 

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